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Xaniar Khosravi (Born in 1986 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian Pop/Hip Hop singer, composer, lyricist and actor. He began pursuing music at about the age of 7 at the same time as his older brother Sirvan, who is also a popular singer. For a while he had left music to play soccer in semi-professional teams only to leave that too when he took an entry exam to study Law in college. He composed his first lyrics for Sirvan’s album. Read more about Xaniar on

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Tags: pop persian sirvan khosravi iranian all 

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Xaniar & K-manesh - Risk (Club Mix) (2013) mp3

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Sirvan Ft XaniaR - Are (Night Mix) (H. Sh) mp3

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Xaniar - Hypnotism mp3

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Xaniar - Kenare Mahtab (Ft Milad Derakhshani) (A. Mahdavi) mp3

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Sirvan Ft Xaniar - Are (F. Najafi) mp3

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Xaniar Feat Mehdi Heibati - Khodeto Bezar Jaye Man mp3

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Sirvan Khosravi & Xaniar ( - To Marizi (Feat Yas) ( (D. Fedorov) mp3

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XaniaR - She (E. Naderi) mp3

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mehdi asadi Ft. xaniar - YALLA - (E. Pipa) mp3

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Mehdi Heibati Ft Xaniar - Arezooye Maha (S. Khorasani) mp3

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Xaniar - Zendegie Hame Remix (E. Naderi) mp3

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W w W . B I A 2 R A P . C o M - Sirvan_Ft_Yas_Ft_Xaniar_To-Marizi_128_( mp3

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Xaniar ( - Tafre Naro 2 ( (A. Khademi) mp3

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Xaniar Ft Quf [www.ParsHipHop.Com] - Hamineh Ke Hast [www.ParsHipHop.Com] mp3

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Sirvan Feat. Xaniar - Are (S. Afshar) mp3

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