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White Walls

There are at least four bands called White Walls: 1. A Shoegaze band from Melbourne, Australia. They incorporate some elements of Doom and Punk into their style of Shoegaze. They released their debut LP 'White Walls' on November the 14th 2012. Rad dudes 2. A Punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) 3. A progressive metal outfit from Constanța, Romania - Their first album, Mad Man Circus, was released as a free download on October 1st, 2010. Read more about White Walls on

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Tags: progressive metal extreme punk romanian shoegaze 

[High Speed] white walls [320kbps]

[]G.O.D (White Walls City) - Мы с тобой психи, любимая...(2011) (N. Lazareva) mp3

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[]White Walls City - Стерва (2011) (Y. Leonenko) mp3

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White Walls City & Мята - Дикая (A. Andreev) mp3

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G.O.D of White Walls City - Прости Её... (M. Chernenko) mp3

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[]G.O.D of White Walls City - Идеал Из Меня (K. Safronova) mp3

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GoD (White Walls City) - 8 Bars mp3

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G.O.D (White Walls City) - Прощайте...Он такой же как всё, были друзья, была любимая. (A. Farsi) mp3

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The Vanishing - White Walls mp3

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[]Бумбокс & White Walls City - Останусь (D. Tarasenko) mp3

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Cat Soup (@CFGSTA) - Walls Painted White mp3

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White Walls City & Мята - Я ведь я не ручная, а дикая. Не твоя, не родная, не тихая.И сама не своя вроде бы, и чужой тебе не умею быть. (A. Drozdova) mp3

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Серебро и White Walls City - Глаза закрываю (2010) (V. Derkach) mp3

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Between The Buried And Me - White Walls (Last 3.5 minutes) (A. Matveychuk) mp3

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Plastic Flowers - White walls painted black (A. Petrov) mp3

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. ScHoolboy Q, Hollis - White Walls (няшный кусочек :3) (D. Vyaznikova) mp3

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