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Waiting in Vain

Awake Again EP - The new chapter of music from Waiting in Vain ['leila] Worldwide Available in MP3 Stores Waiting in Vain – as a new german rockmatic-pop act – was founded in summer of 2003 by Tim Köhler and Sebastian Robitzsch. Both of them have made music since early school days and tried different types of rock music. After all the impressions they had made they wanted to try something new. Meanwhile, the interests of music have been changed to the electronic sector. The wish for realization of such music in their interpretation was not far. Read more about Waiting in Vain on

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Tags: futurepop dark electro under 2000 listeners alternative electronica 

[High Speed] waiting in vain [320kbps]

SINIMA Beats - Waiting In Vain | |Free Beats and Instrumentals (K. Serbin) mp3

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Smoma - Waiting In Vain (N. Ryzhkova) mp3

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Cocoa Tea - Waiting In Vain Feat. Cutty Ranks (K. Ershova) mp3

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Maxi Priest ('Twist of Marley' comp.) - Waiting in Vain (M. Konyaschenko) mp3

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Ben Goldstein - Waiting In Vain (The Voice 2013 Performance) mp3

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Rapitfly Beats - Waiting In Vain [INSTRUMENTAL] http://vk.combeat mp3

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Bob Marley & The wailers - Legend (Remixed) (2013) - 01 Waiting in Vain (Jim James remix) (D. Yakunin) mp3

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Bob Marley - Waiting in vain - Full Band Early Demo (A. Gridneva) mp3

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Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain (Bill Laswell Mix) (V. Leskiv) mp3

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Nicole Henry - Waiting In Vain (O. Bogucharsky) mp3

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Annie Lennox - Waiting In Vain (OST "Serendipity" ) (K. Nikitenko) mp3

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Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra - Waiting in vain (K. Dzhin) mp3

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Waiting In Vain - Awake Again (Trensity RMX) (A. Guseva) mp3

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Mellow Mood & Train to Roots - Waiting in Vain mp3

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