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Lost Generation ft Cliff Savage, Tycun, Young Sam, Wes Nyle - Bars (E. Abdraman) mp3

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Yung Incredible ft Young Sam , Lost Generation , Cliff Savage , Kid Zooted & Tycun - - Kickin It Remix (B. Manevich) mp3

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Wes Nyle - Im Hot Remix Feat. Lost Generation & Tycun (A. Gusev) mp3

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TyCun - Rotate (B. Kotik) mp3

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Young Ace - Jerk Cypher 2011 (Feat. Young Sam, Wes Nyle, Skoo Boii, Cliff Savage, J20 & Tycun) (B. Kotik) mp3

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TyCun ft. Dmac - NBN (A. Maxyutenko) mp3

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TyCun - TyCun Drop Dead Gorgeous (Y. Drop) mp3

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Kid Zooted - Spit Fire (ft. Tycun) (N. Rocknroll) mp3

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Tycun - Go To Work (Feat. Wes Nyle) (B. Kotik) mp3

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TyCun ft. Reem Riches - Do My Thang (V. Tyutyunnik) mp3

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TyCun - Kamikaze (B. Kotik) mp3

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TyCun - 3D (N. Rocknroll) mp3

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Lost Generation - Bars Feat. Cliff Savage, Tycun, Young Sam & Wes Nyle (A. Gusev) mp3

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J20 feat. Tycun & Marvel Inc - Off The Leash Remix (B. Kotik) mp3

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TyCun - Naughty or Nice (B. Kotik) mp3

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