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Ti is a duo consisting of Ilija Duni and Trajče Nikolovski (both natives of Macedonia), who met in Belgrade. In the summer of 2012 they formed Ti. Trajče plays electronic drums, Elijah guitar and bass synthesizer, and they both sing. Elijah had previously played in other groups like Petrol and Meatmarket, and Trajče in the band White Noise in a White Room and Purgatory. Ti on

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Tags: indie rock indie pop psychedelic pop indie psychedelic 

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ATB - Move On (feat. JanSoon)(Три метра над уровнем неба 2: Я тебя хочу/Tengo ganas de ti 2012) mp3

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Паганини. Скрипач дьявола - Io Ti Penso Amore mp3

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ZHOKA Ti uge ne moya - зачем тебе он...он любить не умеет... (L. Sokolova) mp3

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Tony-Snorks ft. Ti.Mey - Одинокая (prod by Tony-Snorks) mp3

FREE DOWNLOADDuration: 3:05 – Filesize: 7.1mb – Bitrate: 322kbps – Send Ringtone Ad

"Астерикс и Обеликс: миссия Клеопатра")))) - Ti Amo mp3

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TI ft Eminem & Kaney West - Creatures (A. Lis) mp3

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Тото Кутуньо - Ti Amo -> Наш первый свадебный танец 9 июля 2011!!! mp3

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AzteKsfloW - Tengo ganas de ti (ost "3 метра над уровнем неба:Я тебя хочу") mp3

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Reekay Garcia - Para Ti (Christian Luke Remix) (I. Alexandrovich) mp3

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Azuro feat. Elly - Ti Amo (Video Edit) ( (A. Andreeva) mp3

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Clara Lago - Aunque tu no lo sepas (Tengo Ganas De Ti OST) mp3

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Azuro Feat Elly - Ti Amo (E. Mastalyarchuk) mp3

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Lodovica Comello - (Te Creo) Ti Credo (A. Lebedeva) mp3

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5.Benny Benassi feat.Channing - Come fly away Scusa ma ti voglio sposare - OST (2010) (R. Marx) mp3

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Ti'Jean, Pusha T - Fast / Slow (G. Vatsadze) mp3

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