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There are multiple artists with the name Spawn: 1) 90s alternative rock band from Buffalo, NY, USA. 2) Straight edge band from Germany. 3) Ska punk band from the Netherlands. 4) Death metal band from Germany. 5) A hip-hop MC, previously of Atmosphere, he is now known as Rek The Heavyweight. 6) Thrash metal band from the Netherlands. 7) Dungeon synth act from Italy. 1) Spawn was a 90s three-man rock band from Spawn of Buffalo, NY, United States, who released a five-track CD in 1995 titled "Everybody Shines" on Space-Cat Records. Read more about Spawn on

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Tags: death metal hardcore german straight edge brutal death metal 

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Spawn Of Possession - The Evangelist (D. Zaschitin) mp3

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Руслан&FLOOP&Dr.SpawN - Прошлое не вернуть назад,пусть по моей щеке катится слеза** mp3

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Of Buried Hopes - Spawn Of Perfection (V. Shatov) mp3

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Spawn of Possession - Church Of Deviance (D. Beloborodov) mp3

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Silverchair And Vitro - Spawn (I. Kotychenko) mp3

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01 - Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon mp3

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Silverchair - Spawn Again (D. Pakhomov) mp3

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Spawn Of Possession - In My Own Greed (V. Primas) mp3

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Angry Birds Friends - Shuffle Spawn. Special for Library of the Cronicle pig. (R. Ermilov) mp3

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B.A.S.E. - Битва За Газель ( Prod. La Bang ) Playa Records. Свед. SWAN. Скачать трек можно с : ; . mp3

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Revenant Dead - Death Spawn (V. Koslavsky) mp3

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Lucky Way ft.Spawn - Взгляд на жизнь(Bushido instrumental) (B. Nechaev) mp3

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Long Star - Diss na Spawn Mc(Минус для дисса) mp3

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The Hidden Cameras - Year of the Spawn (V. Kvochkova) mp3

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OST Spawn [1997] 08 - Mansun & 808 State - Skin Up Pin Up (A. Frik) mp3

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