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The Klaine song - Oh, they kissed! Holy Shit! mp3

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The Dilemma - Club Song 2011 new shit by KZ (E. Usabaev) mp3

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Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit - почему-то напоминает Voltaire - Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil Song (A. Arnoldi) mp3

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(NEW SHIT!) Q-Tip Ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, & Lil' Wayne - Renaissance Rap (Remix) (question - why would lil wayne come in and fuck up the song like that? silliest verse ever... mp3

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Madagasca - The Song (Saimon Okay! TRAP SHIT Remix) (S. Savelyev) mp3

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ZisZ - The name of this song contains set of the bad words similar with a word a shit (ZisNew single 2010) (S. Brovchenko) mp3

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Вил ай эм и Бритни Спирс - You’re gonna free shit up You’re gonna puke up your guts Because this song really sucks When I’m outside the club I’m flashin’ my muff I’m flashin’ my muff... mp3

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ETID Shit Happens: The Siries? - Theme Song (D. Gromov) mp3

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House of the Бред - Stupid American song about any shit (S. Rebrov) mp3

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The Glitch Mob & MC Shit - Story About How This Not So Fine Gentleman Ruined Song (A. Tsarenko) mp3

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a song title from - the most hateful shit u can say (E. Korotkova) mp3

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Punkid - The SHIT song ([. C syrom ]) mp3

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The Fucking Shit - Teenage Love Song (R. Griboedova) mp3

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EVIL - If Somebody Says This Song Is Shit, Fuck Him In The Ass, Because This Fucking Song Is Very Fucking Cool (N. Solovey) mp3

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The Admixture Of The Shit And The Fucking Candies - The Song Of The Dying Nazi (M. Misha) mp3

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