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Senser was formed in the late 1980s by a group of friends and musicians from South West London – Nick Michaelson (guitar), Heitham Al-Sayed (vocals), Kerstin Haigh (vocals), John Morgan (drums), James Barrett (bass) and Haggis (engineer, producer, programmer). In 1992 they were joined by Spiral Tribe DJ, Andy Clinton. Their music is a mix of rock, rap and electronic elements. Their first album, 'Stacked Up'... Read more about Senser on

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Tags: alternative rapcore crossover rap metal metal 

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C.A. - Silence phone (Senser prod) (A. Silkin) mp3

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5. C.A. & Dj Senser - Кукла Вуду (A. Senser) mp3

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C.A. - Депо (п.у. Ляпро)(Муз. Senser) (A. Senser) mp3

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Senser - End Of The World Show (V. Razumovsky) mp3

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C.A. - Человек настроения (Senser prod.) (A. Silkin) mp3

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Senser - Peace (O. Kartashova) mp3

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Brittani Senser - Still In Love (Dr. Dre Cover) (R. Fattakhov) mp3

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Senser - Breed (Z. Kolobok) mp3

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9. C.A. & Dj Senser - Буду там (A. Senser) mp3

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C.A. - Replay (Муз. Senser) (A. Senser) mp3

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Dj Senser - Електро-хаус4 (N. Larin) mp3

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SansЭй,ALHiM,ЛоТоС - За кайф нужно платить(Prod.Senser) mp3

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C.A. & DJ Senser - Секрет (D. Dee) mp3

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Senser - Eject (S. Swit) mp3

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Senser - Age Of Panic (Sick Man Remix) (N. Fofanov) mp3

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