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There is more than one band going by the moniker 'Rocket': (1) Rocket (all-girl rock band): When you think of Rocket, think of driving along an L.A. beach in an open-top, bright pink Cadillac. Rocket is a revolutionary concoction of fun, parties, bubblegum and beating hearts. Coquettishness-meets-bombast, kittens-meet-rattlesnakes; Rocket is the launching pad for a new generation of pop music. The all-girl band mixes 60's girl group innocence with 70's decibel-damaging boulevard beat... Read more about Rocket on

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Tags: female vocalists pop punk indie house dirty electro 

[High Speed] rocket [320kbps]
Клубняк - 2011 - звук с кс качает супер басс качай CS лучший клубняк бест стоп stop non stop нон стоп музон рулит rocket tuch feel
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 2:47 – Filesize: 6.38mb – Bitrate: 321kbps
Guns'n'Roses - Rocket Queen
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 6:13 – Filesize: 5.71mb – Bitrate: 128kbps
My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man (OST Californication)
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 5:01
Junkie XL ft. Lauren Rocket (NFS Pro Street OST) - Fuck More
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 3:42 – Filesize: 5.2mb – Bitrate: 196kbps
Dope D.O.D. - Rocket (produced by Noisia)
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 3:31 – Filesize: 8.17mb – Bitrate: 325kbps
Mafiya747 Club Version - Madeon vs. Empire Of The Sun & Zedd - Technicolor Riffler (Rocket Fun Mash-up) (Mafiya747 Rework)
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 5:00 – Filesize: 11.52mb – Bitrate: 322kbps
Zombie Zombie - Rocket Number 9 (Gesaffelstein Remix)
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 5:29 – Filesize: 5.03mb – Bitrate: 128kbps
7.Jedward - Pop Rocket
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 3:19 – Filesize: 7.63mb – Bitrate: 322kbps
Air - Surfing On A Rocket
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 3:43 – Filesize: 7.51mb – Bitrate: 283kbps
Burnout Paradise OST - Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket - Cities In Dust
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 4:20 – Filesize: 5.96mb – Bitrate: 192kbps
A Rocket To The Moon - Like We Used To
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 3:24
Dope D.O.D - Rocket
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 3:50
Benassi Bros - Rocket In The Sky
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 5:44 – Filesize: 8.83mb – Bitrate: 215kbps
Teddybears feat Eve - Rocket Scientist
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 3:06 – Filesize: 7.17mb – Bitrate: 323kbps
Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket - More
FREE MP3 DOWNLOADDuration: 6:02 – Filesize: 6.91mb – Bitrate: 160kbps
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