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Rent is the name of more than one artist. 1) synth-pop duo 2) Italian post-punk It may also be an incorrect artist tag for a soundtrack by Jonathan Larson. If so, please fix your tags. The easiest way is to use MusicBrainz Picard. Thank you. 1) Rent was a synth-pop duo from England. The members were Clayton Littlewood and Robert Brown. They released at least one CD EP called "I Love To Be Queer". The title song was featured on Queer Music Heritage's radio show in January 2005 http://www.queermusicheritage. Read more about Rent on

Similar: WickedHairsprayDuncan Sheik & Steven SaterIdina MenzelRobert Lopez and Jeff Marx

Tags: musical soundtrack broadway rent beautiful 

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Rent - I'll Cover You mp3

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SOPOR - 42я весна (RENT-ГЕН 2009) Demo mp3

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Fun English Lessons 088 - Rent Increase mp3

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SOPOR - Дети (RENT-ГЕН 2009) mp3

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Jonathan Larson - Seasons Of Love (OST Rent) - [becaru] : ах.. я люблю мюзиклы... а это одна моих любимых роkнрольных опер) mp3

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SOPOR - Искра (RENT-ГЕН 2009) Demo mp3

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Quivver feat. Angel Hart - Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (Extended Radio Mix) mp3

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Musical RENT - La Vie Boheme mp3

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Musical RENT - Out Tonight mp3

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7th Heaven Feat Katherine Ellis - Ain't Nothing Going on But the Rent mp3

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Seth Sentry - Room For Rent mp3

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Life For Rent - 11. Dido - See The Sun mp3

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Yo_RaP feat RenT - Новогодняя 2012-2013 (live) mp3

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Retrophobia, Ebony Sky - Aint Nothin Goin On But The Rent (Original Mix) mp3

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Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Let's Rent Bikes From 1942 mp3

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