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Ron Raphael Braunstein (born June 7, 1976), better known under his stage-name Necro, Is a Jewish-American rapper, and director from Brooklyn, New York. Necro is known in the hip hop community for his dark beats and exceptionally explicit lyrics. He has rapped about murder by torture, Charles Manson, and devil worship. Necro is regarded as an influential star of death rap. Along with this, he directs movies and is owner of Psycho+Logical-Records. Read more about Necro on

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Tags: hip-hop death rap horrorcore rap underground hip-hop 

[High Speed] necro [320kbps]

Non Phixion - Futurama (prod. By Necro) mp3

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Covenant - Lightbringer feat. Necro Facility mp3

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Necro - One Way Or Another (A. Sharafetdinov) mp3

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Necro - asBESTos mp3

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Necro Stellar - Смех Детских Игрушек mp3

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Necro feat. Ill Bill - White Slavery mp3

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Efion - Ты моя,Многоточие,D12,ice cube,E-40,2 pac,50 Cent,Ант,nero,Slim Thug,Каста,DMX,B.o.B,ntl,Bow Wow,onyx,Кровосток,Drake,DomiNo,necro,ПАУК,Варчун,Грот,Лион,Купэ,Ассаи,t.i,1... mp3

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Necro & Ill Bill - The Game feat. Lil' Scrappy - Southside (instrumental) (V. Zudov) mp3

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Necro - Dead Body Disposal mp3

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Dj Next & Dj Nikolai Graf - Necro (Original mix) mp3

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Necro - Beautiful Music For You To Die To (V. Ivanov) mp3

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Necro - Nirvana (feat. Ill Bill, Goretex & Mr.Hyde) mp3

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Necro - Murder Ya Life (O. God) mp3

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Necro - The Dispensation Of Life And Death(instrumental) (F. Iskenderov) mp3

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Necro - Keep on driving (S. Shipin) mp3

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