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Motto is a pop punk/ indie band from Augusta, Ga. They have played a few shows and are getting pretty big around town. They have a myspace which you can check out if you want to download some tunes. Motto on

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[High Speed] motto [320kbps]

Drake x Lil Wayne - Practice x The Motto (GT90 Remix) mp3

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Drake - The Motto (feat. Lil' Wayne) mp3

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KOTOKO - Loop-the-Loop (ТВ-2) ( OST Motto To Love-Ru: Trouble ) opening mp3

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Aiko Kayou - Aishitene Motto mp3

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Drake feat. Lil Wayne - The Motto T-Minus mp3

FREE DOWNLOADDuration: 3:01 – Filesize: 3.46mb – Bitrate: 160kbps – Send Ringtone Ad

Kazunari Takao (CV.Tatsuhisa Suzuki) - Monologue -Ore Tachi ha Motto Tsuyoku Naru mp3

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Tomatsu Haruka - motto☆ hade ni ne! #74 mp3

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An-Chan aka Niko - Motto Suteki Na Asa Ga Kuru Yo mp3

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Method Man - The Motto (D. Takello) mp3

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Sailor Moon - Motto Suteki na Asa ga Kuru yo mp3

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Wiz Khalifa Ft. Juicy J & Berner - G.F.U. Gang (The Motto Freestyle) mp3

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風味堂 - ラクション・ラヴ -ONIISAN MOTTO GANBATTE- mp3

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flumpool - Haru Kaze (Motto ... yo Zutto waratteitai yo Kitto itsu made mo Kawaru koto nai Kimi no inai hibi nado Souzou mo dekinakatta Zutto te wo tsunaideitai Gyutto ni... mp3

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NEWS - Minna ga iru Sekai wo Hitotsu ni Ai wo Motto Give & Take Shimashou mp3

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Sakurai Sho - Arashi - kono mama motto mp3

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