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Master P

Master P lived in New Orleans' infamous Calliope Projects as a child. He has two brothers, Vyshonn (rapper Silkk The Shocker) and Corey (rapper C Murder). His parents divorced, and he split his time between his father's family in New Orleans, and his mother in Richmond, California. He attended the University of Houston on a basketball scholarship, but left and returned to Richmond to live with his mother and study business at Merritt Junior College in nearby Oakland. Read more about Master P on

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Tags: rap hip-hop dirty south gangsta rap hip hop 

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Master P - Lonely Road mp3

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Master P Feat. Rome - I Need An Armored Truck mp3

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Master P - It's a Jungle Out Here (Feat. Howie T) mp3

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Master P - Thug Chick (Feat. Halleluyah) mp3

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Gangsta feat. Master P & Play Beezy - Put That On My Life mp3

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02 Клан 017 - Ни Аллё при уч. Плеяда,Soul Kind (Blaq P.) master (D. Rysenkova) mp3

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R.I.P. Tribute - Aaliyah Feat. Notorious B.i.g. , Eazy E , 2 Pac , Big pun , Big L , Left Eye , Jam Master Jey & Odb - Still Dreaming (E. Musaev) mp3

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Master P - Dwight Howard (Feat. Problem & Eastwood) mp3

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Master P - Act A Fool (feat. Lil Jon) (M. Gorulev) mp3

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T.E.C., Master P, Bengie Bee, No Limit Forever Records & More - Bond Money ft. Lil Maine mp3

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Master P - Dope Case (Feat. Fat Trel & Alley Boy) mp3

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KADET aka Mc(R.P) - Будь со мною рядом( master by J-Beatz).mp3 (S. Semyonov) mp3

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2PAC & DMX with. Master P - Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga (Executive Producer Dr.VANKMAN) (E. Andreev) mp3

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Alley Boy - Bad (Feat. Fat Trel & Master P) mp3

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Chief Keef Feat. Fat Trel & Master P - Don't Make No Sense [Prod. By Lil Keis] mp3

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