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Man of the Year

Founded in Portland, OR in 1998, Man of the Year quickly became local favorites touring their Brit-meets-American pop up and down the west coast. By 2000, they hooked up with producer Tony Lash (Dandy Warhols, Tahiti 80) and cut their first album, "The Future Is Not Now", released on Loveless Records. The album gained national recognition rising to the top of the College Music Journal (CMJ) charts for 13 weeks peaking at number 5. Read more about Man of the Year on

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Snowgoons - Man Of The Year(минус) (E. Cherepkov) mp3

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Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run (Original Mix) A_State_Of_Trance_Year_Mix_2009 CD 2 05 (O. Verzhibok) mp3

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Dynamite Boy - Man Of The Year (A. Tikhomirov) mp3

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JD Era – Man Of The Year - [Trap World} (S. Petrovsky) mp3

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♥GQ - Man of the Year (O. Markova) mp3

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Snowgoons - Man Of The Year (Instrumental) (A. Tsepilov) mp3

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SchoolBoy Q - Man Of The Year (Prod. By Nez & Rio) mp3

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Rich Homie Quan - Man Of The Year [No DJ] mp3

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Just Rich Gates - Juug Man Of The Year (L. Ukolov) mp3

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Drake - Man of the Year (feat. Lil Wayne) (A. Kirakosyan) mp3

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Man Of The Year - Just As Nice (A. Kuzmina) mp3

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Man Of The Year - Blue Sky (s1e2) (A. Britskaya) mp3

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Old Man Markley - Feel Good Song of the Year (A. Gusynin) mp3

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Stalley - Man Of The Year (Remix) (M. Protasov) mp3

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Chrishan - Man Of The Year (S. Maximenko) mp3

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