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1.) Post-hardcore 2.) Hard rock 3.) Psytrance 4.) Trance 1.) One of the less celebrated bands on the Dischord label, Ignition mainly offered D.C.-style post-hardcore of the Fugazi/Rites of Spring/Dag Nasty variety. Vocalist Alec MacKaye -- brother of Fugazi's Ian, and formerly of the Untouchables and The Faith -- reteamed with ex-Faith bandmate Chris Bald, now on guitar instead of bass, in the summer of 1986. Read more about Ignition on

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Tags: hard rock melodic rock punk emocore melodic hard rock 

[High Speed] ignition [320kbps]

Freefall Collective - Ignition (Original Mix) mp3

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Spor - Ignition (2010) mp3

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Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special - Ignition (H. Thompson) mp3

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Trivium - Ignition mp3

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Endo Yurika - Monochrome Overdrive [Z/X: Ignition ED] (S. Inoue) mp3

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Davip - Ignition (Original Mix) (Y. Ionov) mp3

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Bad Brains - Re-Ignition mp3

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Da VIP - Ignition (D. Shakirov) mp3

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Soilwork - Killed By Ignition (Japanese Bonus Track) (V. Dolya) mp3

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martin etchegaray & sebastian lah - ignition sequence (original mix) (D. Sharov) mp3

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R. Kelly - Ignition Remix (N. Rybka) mp3

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Ignition - Наемник (G. Ivanov) mp3

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Mesmer - Ignition (Original Mix) (V. Martynov) mp3

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Throes of Dawn - Ignition of the Grey Sky (M. Romadin) mp3

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Spatial Plants Vs. Quality Sound - Ignition (A. Zubov) mp3

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