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Haystack were a Swedish punk metal band, consisting of Uffe Cederlund (Entombed) on guitar and vocals, Jonas Lundberg (A-Bombs) on drums and Johan Blomqvist (Backyard Babies) on bass. They released two albums, Right at You in 1996 and Slave Me in 1998. There was also an ill-fated 1960s British pop group by this name. Haystack is also an incorrect name for the rapper Haystak. Read more about Haystack on

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Tags: swedish death n roll stoner metal dirtysouth-rap-downsouth dirty dirty 

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G.B.H. - Needle In A Haystack (S. Voin) mp3

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Madlib - Needle In The Haystack (Instrumental) mp3

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New Order feat. Kevin Hewick - Haystack (1980) (A. Vinogradov) mp3

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Ifume - Jam at Haystack (Original Mix) [Komplex De Deep] (E. Kunilov) mp3

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Banks Music - Needle in a Haystack (A. Zakharov) mp3

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Haystack - The Collector (T. Kirillov) mp3

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Ruth Etting - A Needle In A Haystack (V. Veselov) mp3

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Loma Prieta - The Needle in the Haystack (L. Temnova) mp3

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Haystack - alright mp3

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John Sherman & Randy Clepper - Behind the Haystack / Maid At the Spinning Wheel / Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife (P. Galushko) mp3

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Daniel Licht - Needle In A Haystack [OST Декстер / Dexter - 4 сезон] (V. Letuev) mp3

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v/vm - CoMe^to-big Daddy vS GiANt Haystack-tag TeamV7.21v mp3

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Sketching In Stereo - Haystack Home (A. Sidorov) mp3

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The Boys Of The Lough - Kinocora Jiga_Behind The Haystack (O. Li) mp3

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Tela - Tenessee Ft. Gangsta Boo, To Gotti, Criminal Mane, Haystack, Maru (D. Gubin) mp3

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