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Guy was a popular 1980s and 1990s hip-hop, funk, R&B and soul band that was one of the early pioneers of hip-hop/R&B music and which set a trend in the early 1990s in a movement called the New jack swing. Formed in Harlem, New York in 1987 by young musician/record producer Teddy Riley, the original members of Guy included Riley and R&B singer-songwriters Aaron Hall and Timmy Gatling, who were students at HBCU Virginia State 1988. Read more about Guy on

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Tags: new jack swing rnb 90s soul 80s 

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Lordi - Not The Nicest Guy mp3

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Diana King - Shy Guy (OST Bad Boys) mp3

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Buddy Guy - A Man And The Blues mp3

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[Scrubs] - Guy Love mp3

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Guy J - Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix) mp3

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Noferini feat DJ Guy & Hilary - Pra Sonhar mp3

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IiO - Rapture | Indifferent Guy Remix 320 kb/s mp3

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Wiz Khalifa - Bad Guy mp3

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♥William & Cheryl Cole♥ - ♥Heartbreaker♥ how did i just how did i become that kind of guy to look at girl and lie right in the eye my momma told me willy that aint... mp3

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Nick Carter - Not The Other Guy mp3

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Burlesque OST - Guy What Takes His Time (Christina Aguilera) mp3

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Marbert Rocel - Love Me (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Remix) mp3

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Family Guy (Гриффины) - Птица синица(рус. яз.). mp3

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Неизвестный исполнитель - O hai i'm that guy mp3

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Buddy Guy - Black Night mp3

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