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Elissa (Arabic: إليسا) was born in Deir Al-Amar, Lebanon and raised amidst the spectacular natural scenery of the Bekaa Valley. She holds a degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University. Her first forays into art and artistic activities consisted of acting in theaters of political critique, namely with well-known chansonnier Wassim Tabbara, and the Theatre de 10 Heures. This was the first time she came in contact with an audience, whose overwhelming warmth and energy she immediately took a shining to. Read more about Elissa on

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غير معروف - bokra.net_elissa_awakhir-el-shity.mp3 mp3

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Elissa - طلوب تمنى (S. Bayramyan) mp3

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Elissa - Agmal Ehsas (красивейщее чувство) (K. Kasimov) mp3

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Elissa (Zakaria Khoury) - Daa El Enwann (I. Scherbachyova) mp3

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Elissa P. - Good Egg/Bad Seed (сэмпл Slim - Дед Мороз) (S. Babkin) mp3

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el saadi - (AR)Elissa-ma'a sabk israr (M. El-Saadi) mp3

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Dj Volume & Elissa - asaad wahda (M. Bzovy) mp3

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IN THE MIX - Elissa&Michael Jackson mp3

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Elissa - Bastanak [Waiting for You] (P. Angelo) mp3

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Tamer Ali - Mate3rafsh Leh (Elissa's Song) (N. Gritsay) mp3

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Elissa - (remix) (M. Nedotsuk) mp3

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FiLMaZiKa.CoM - Awakhir El Shity - Elissa (E. Lobyntseva) mp3

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Zucchini Drive - 200 Motels and Half a Chicken (with Elissa P) (R. Emelyanov) mp3

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Zucchini Drive - villeneuve ft. elissa p (A. Mesyagutova) mp3

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Elissa - Rude Boy mp3

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