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DragonForce is a power metal band that was formed in 1999, from the remnants of black metal band Demoniac under the name of DragonHeart. However, the band soon changed its name to DragonForce before releasing any commercial albums due to possible commercial issues with Brazilian band DragonHeart. Their career began with publishing of songs on the first incarnation of, claiming the top of the site's heavy metal charts. The hit song Valley Of The Damned reached over 500,000 downloads in the first few months. Read more about DragonForce on

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Tags: power metal speed metal metal extreme power metal heavy metal 

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DragonForce - Evening Star mp3

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Dragonforce - Give Me The Night mp3

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Dragonforce - Holding On mp3

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Dragonforce - Heartbreak armageddon mp3

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Dragonforce - Strike Of The Ninja mp3

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Dragonforce - Dawn Over A New World mp3

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Dragonforce - Once in a Lifetime mp3

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Dragonforce - Heart Of The Storm mp3

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DragonForce - Throught the Fire and Flames (OST Guitar Hero 3) mp3

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DragonForce - Heart of the Dragon mp3

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DragonForce - Black Fire mp3

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DragonForce - Black Winter Night mp3

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Dragonforce - Seasons (Acoustic Ver.) mp3

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Dragonforce - Wings Of Liberty mp3

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DragonForce - The Fire Still Burns l mp3

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