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There is more than one artist with this name (for the russian punk band, see ДК): 1) DJ, music maker, radio producer and presenter, Darren Knott (alias DK) is a key component in the Ninja Tune live shows and one of the main driving forces behind the legendary 'Solid Steel' radio show. In 2001 he released the 'Solid Steel presents' Mix CD on Ninja Tune alongside DJ Food and toured on 4 decks with Strictly Kev (DJ Food) throughout the UK and the World. Read more about DK on

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Tags: solid steel turntablism ninja tune hip-hop electronic 

[High Speed] dk [320kbps] - Butterfly mp3

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Лион - Не Буди ft.DK (One StarR RMX) 2014 new! mp3

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русское регги Demid[DK] - - Это незаконно...Это нелегально... mp3

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Бойцовский клуб, Тёмный рыцарь, Матрица, Револьвер, Посылка, Хранители. - FC.DK.M.R.B.W. mp3

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Till West Dk Delicious - Same Man (Dj Viduta and mr john Remix) (Для бега) mp3

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Panama - It's Not Over (Dave Dk Vocal Mix) mp3

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Smile.DK - MR. WONDERFUL mp3

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DJ Ivan Scratchin feat. Natasha Rostova - Sex, Cocos & House Music (Andrey DK Remix) mp3

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DK,DANCE - Білі тіні mp3

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Panama - Its Not Over (Dave DK Dub) mp3

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Дмитрий Климашенко - ♥Не было любви(Produced by DK & Bestseller)♥ mp3

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Mage - Summer Love DK Foyer Remix mp3

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Dj Makar_DK - Track 06 (electro house mix 2011)cамая клубная музыка только у нас, заходи к нам mp3

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Adee - Мы противоположны (DK prod.)[СТИРАЕМ СКОБКИ ПРИ ДОБАВЛЕНИИ К СЕБЕ] mp3

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DownloadListen - Kissy Kissy ( Eurodance 90-x) mp3

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