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DELUHI was a Japanese metalcore/hard rock band, formed as GRAVE SEED but decided to change bandname when they had found all members in January 2008. The band immediately started recording materials composed by Leda, the mainsongwriter. Performing around venues in Tokyo and achieving explosive growth as a band, their debut album SURVEILLANCE was released on March 26th. With the 5 songs of the album, the band reached instant recognition as the up-and-coming band within the visual rock scene. Read more about DELUHI on

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Tags: visual kei j-rock japanese metal jrock 

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DELUHI - Follow the Future mp3

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DELUHI - Ivory and Irony mp3

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DELUHI - 星の無い夜に mp3

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DELUHI - G.A.L.D. mp3

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DELUHI - Revolver Blast (Single Version) mp3

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Неизвестный исполнитель - ...madison feat. marta layஜ۩۞۩ஜ deluhi - макс леонидов и hippoband club rai dj fashio mp3

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DELUHI - シェイド / Shade mp3

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Golden Bomber feat. Leda (DELUHI) - The V Kei Ppoi Kyoku mp3

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DELUHI - Lorelei (A. Lukin) mp3

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DELUHI - Hello (A. Bukarev) mp3

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DELUHI - s[K]ape:goat (D. Rassolenko) mp3

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DELUHI - Overture -Yggdalive- mp3

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DELUHI - 黄泉の譲り葉 [Yomi no Yuzuriha] mp3

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DELUHI - REVOLVER BLAST (Single Version) mp3

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DELUHI - Suno no Izumi (H. Ogata) mp3

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