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Initially this band start since February 2006 and was a band project that played songs from the old school thrashmetal such as Slayer, Anthrax, Pantera and Sepultura. At that time the personnel’s are: Stevi Item Ex Step Forward (Guitar), Ricky from Seringai & Stepforward (Guitar), Bonny Ex Tengkorak (Bass) and Andyan Ex Siksa Kubur (Drum), evidently Ricky couldn’t last long because of his activity at Seringai, Stepforward and in his work in Rolling Stones Magz (Indonesia). On the common conformity, on August 29 2006 was formed the name of DEADSQUAD. Read more about DeadSquad on

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Tags: death metal technical death metal indonesia brutal death metal metal 

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Deadsquad - Manufaktur Replika Baptis mp3

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Dragonforce - Revolution Deadsquad (N. Bratchikova) mp3

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Deadsquad - Patriot Moral Prematur (B. Tok) mp3

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Deadsquad - Dimensi Keterasingan (V. Progunov) mp3

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Deadsquad - Arise mp3

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DeadSquad - Hiperbola Dogma Monoteis (A. Schigol) mp3

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DEADSQUAD - Dead Squad - Horror Vision (A. Sudendeath) mp3

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DeadSquad - Anatomi Dosa (P. Budylev) mp3

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DeadSquad - Pasukan Mati (A. Schigol) mp3

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DeadSquad - Sermon of Deception (A. Schigol) mp3

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DeadSquad - Horror Vision (A. Schigol) mp3

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DeadSquad - Manufaktur Replika Baptis (A. Schigol) mp3

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DeadSquad - Merakit Sakit (P. Budylev) mp3

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DeadSquad - Dominasi Belati (A. Schigol) mp3

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DeadSquad - Natural Born Nocturnal (P. Budylev) mp3

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