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1) World renowned DJ Lauren Flax has unveiled her new project with co-conspirator Lauren Dillard, the haunting new duo Creep. Flax is a veteran house DJ (and Fischerspooner’s tour DJ), and they listen to “a lot of classic house and old freestyle stuff,” Dillard says. But their sound skews pop. They’re very influenced by house and the UK bass scene, but at the same time their music is quite dreamy. Creep is a new project, and they’re still working on tracks, but have attracted some notable guest vocalists already, including Romy Madley Croft from the xx, NIna Sky, Holly Miranda and more. Read more about Creep on

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Tags: witch house electronic trip-hop experimental rock 

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Vega Choir - Creep (OST «The Social Network»/«Социальная сеть») mp3

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Валентин Стрыкало - Creep mp3

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Tiesto - Chasing Summers (Creepers Gonna Creep Remix) mp3

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creep - days (soul clap remix) mp3

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What About Bill? - Creep (cover of Radiohead) mp3

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Michael Gracioppo - Creep mp3

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Scala And Kolacny Brothers - Creep (Radiohead cover) mp3

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Creep feat. Nina Sky - You [Реклама Nokia Lumia 920] ( mp3

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Mustache Riot, Mobb Creep & Melissa Pixel - It's Not Too Late by (Safra Remix) mp3

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Creepers Gonna Creep & Electrode - The Dragonborn Comes (Dubstep Mix) mp3

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Mobb Deep - Creep (Feat. 50 Cent) mp3

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Portugal. The Man - Creep In A T-Shirt mp3

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Ingrid Michaelson - Creep (Live Radiohead Cover) mp3

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creep - days - azari and III remix @project techno plex@ mp3

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Eliza Lumley - Creep mp3

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