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Conejo is a Chicano rapper, originally from Los Angeles, California. Recognized as one of the finest examples of Chicano rap, because of his straightforward lyrics that express the life of a Mexican gangster. He already has several albums and mixtapes to back it up. He is also part of the group called Tattoo Ink, with whom they already have 2 studio albums. Tattoo Ink consists of Conejo himself and his brother Bugsy 2 Guns, their third brother, Venom, frequntly features in tracks with them. He is from Dead End Harpys gang located in West Los Angeles. Read more about Conejo on

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Tags: chicano rap west coast rap latin rap rap mexican rap 

[High Speed] conejo [320kbps]

Conejo - Homie Homie mp3

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Conejo - Mexican Gangster (U. Stebelev) mp3

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Frank V & Conejo - End Of The Line (feat. Mister D, Cuete, Yeska) mp3

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Soundtrack 2002 Frida (128) Elliot Goldenthal - El Conejo (V. Sharov) mp3

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Conejo - For There Eyes (A. Grankin) mp3

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Dave Alvin - Run Conejo Run (N. Yankovets) mp3

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Mr. Capone-E Feat. Mr. Conejo, Triste Loco, Real Snapper, S.S. Demon, Ms. Lady Pinks, Script Loc, Ese Menace And Mr. Criminal - True Blue Roll Call (S. Zuykov) mp3

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Conejo Y Bugsy - Homie, Homie (S. Kurmel) mp3

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Conejo - Every Which Way But Dead (U. Stebelev) mp3

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Mr. Criminal Feat. Mr. Conejo, Triste Loko And Script Loc - Hood Affiliated Roll Call (S. Zuykov) mp3

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Conejo - I'm Like A Heroin Injection mp3

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Mr. Criminal Feat. Mr. Conejo And Abue Loc - East Side To West Side (S. Zuykov) mp3

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Conejo (Tattoo Ink) - Till Death Do Us Part mp3

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Los Cojolites - El conejo (S. Doldina) mp3

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Conejo - She's A Snake (S. Zuykov) mp3

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