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Even though his voice rarely goes above casual speaking volume, when C-Murder talks, he speaks volumes. Born Corey Miller and raised in New Orleans, a city known for both its good times and crimes, C-Murder adopted his provocative name seeing murders, amongst other ruthless activities. A product of the notorious Calliope Projects, C was able to escape being just another statistic by aligning with his entrepreneur brother Percy Miller, also known to the world as No Limit Record’s CEO and founder Master P. Read more about C-Murder on

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Tags: rap hip-hop gangsta rap dirty south hip hop 

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C-Murder - My Life (I. Smirnov) mp3

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Master P - Hoody Hoo (Feat. C-Murder And Silkk The Shocker) (P. Frolov) mp3

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C-Murder Ft. Nate Dogg, Kurupt & Snoop Dogg - Ghetto Millionaire (D. Ad-Din) mp3

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Akon Feat. C Murder - One False Move (Acapella) mp3

FREE DOWNLOADDuration: 4:12 – Filesize: 5.37mb – Bitrate: 179kbps – Send Ringtone Ad

Dial M For Murder! - Oh No! - C.Nanzell (DITA) Remix (O. Polyukhov) mp3

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Matt Maddox - Murder Weapons (ft. Swann & TMB) [Prod. By C-Lance] (E. Luchinin) mp3

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Romeo Feat. Silkk The Shocker - Feel Like C Murder (D. Dzhusin) mp3

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Snoop Dogg - Ghetto Symphony (feat. Mia X, Fiend, C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker, Mystikal & Goldie Loc) mp3

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C-Murder - The Life Eye Live (Feat. Verse & AR) (I. Kalaganov) mp3

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C-Murder - nWo Wolfpack Theme (No Crowd Noise - Very Rare) (D. Infamous) mp3

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Master P - Ghetto D (feat. C-Murder & Silkk the Shocker) (A. Firsakov) mp3

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C-Murder - Gangsta Walk (Feat. Snoop Dogg (V. Soldatov) mp3

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C-Murder; Snoop Dogg - DP Gangsta mp3

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Snoop Dogg feat. C-Murder & Magic - Buck Em (N. Zimin) mp3

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Sick Symphonies feat. Immortal Technique - C.I.A. Murder Me mp3

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