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BrokeNCYDE is a group based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band consists of four members, Se7en (Lyrics/Production), Mikl (Hype/Vocals), Phat J (Synths/Backup Vocals), and Antz (Hype/Live Production). BrokeNCYDE was discovered by and is currently managed by The Artery Foundation, a team that has discovered other popular bands such as Alesana, The Devil Wears Prada, and Carnifex. BrokeNCYDE released their first single, "Blue Steel" back in 2006, and it became a huge success. They followed with two other singles, "FreaXXX" and "Bree Bree". They are currently on a nationwide tour. Read more about Brokencyde on

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Tags: crunkcore screamo electronic experimental hip hop 

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brokeNCYDE - Whoa! mp3

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Brokencyde - Skeet Skeet mp3

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Brokencyde - Teach Me How To Scream mp3

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Brokencyde - Dead Befor I Died mp3

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Brokencyde - Schitzo mp3

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Brokencyde - Kama Sutra mp3

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Brokencyde - Money Hungry Hoe mp3

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Brokencyde - Get Crunk! mp3

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Brokencyde - Sexy Bitch (Akon Feat David Guetta Cover) mp3

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Se7en (Brokencyde) - Diamondz & Dro (ft. Rise & Klassik) mp3

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Brokencyde - Ride Slow mp3

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Brokencyde - Da House Party mp3

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Se7en (Brokencyde) - Sweatinn BRAND mp3

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BrokeNCYDE - FreaXXX mp3

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Brokencyde - I'm Sorry I Am mp3

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