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Boondox is a southern rap artist from Covington, Georgia. Boondox is the first rapper on the infamous Psychopathic Records label not to hail from a city environment - instead, according to label-mate Violent J, Boondox comes from "the crops". Some may remember Boondox more as the artist Turn Coat Dirty from the first round of the Underground Psychos Contest or even earlier as part of S.H.I (Southern Hustlas Inc.) with Smokey and Produk. Read more about Boondox on

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Tags: horrorcore juggalo rap psychopathic psychopathic records 

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Boondox - Untold/Unwritten mp3

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Boondox - Love Of My Knife (A. Stranger) mp3

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Boondox - Nothing to Lose (D. Filippov) mp3

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Twiztid - Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder (Feat. Boondox & Violent J) (A. Stranger) mp3

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Boondox - We All Fall (A. Demereckas) mp3

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Boondox - Love/Hate (T. Souljahs) mp3

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Boondox - They Pray With Snakes (K. Valodka) mp3

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The Underground Avengers - - King Kong (Boondox Buksh) (N. Babinets) mp3

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Twiztid feat. Violent J (Insane Clown Posse) & Boondox - Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder (D. Che) mp3

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Boondox - Sippin (V. Plugovoy) mp3

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Boondox - Toast to the Fam (G. Outlaw) mp3

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Boondox - Walking After Midnight (Feat.Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope) (V. Nevolin) mp3

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Boondox - Some Kind of Devil mp3

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Boondox - Country Life (Y. Privalov-Belukhin) mp3

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Boondox - Fear (feat. Monoxide Child & Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (N. Lushkin) mp3

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