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Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon are a British metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, who formed in 2004. Bring Me the Horizon consists of lead vocalist Oliver Sykes, lead guitarist Lee Malia, rhythm guitarist Jona Weinhofen, bassist Matt Kean and drummer Matt Nicholls. They are currently signed to Visible Noise Records in the UK, Epitaph Records in the US and to Shock Records in Australia. Their music has been said to be influenced diversely by grindcore, death metal and emo, and their earlier work is noted for its strong influence from American metalcore bands. Read more about Bring Me the Horizon on

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Tags: deathcore metalcore hardcore screamo metal 

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bmth - can you feel my heart mp3

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bmth - death breath mp3

FREE DOWNLOADDuration: 4:31 – Filesize: 8.31mb – Bitrate: 257kbps – Send Ringtone Ad

This Wild Life - Sleepwalking (Acoustic BMTH Cover) mp3

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BMTH - Blessed With A Curse mp3

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BMtH - It Never Ends mp3

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bmth - Fuck mp3

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BMTH - Sleep with one eye open (tek-one remix) mp3

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BMTH - The sadness will never end mp3

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Architects - Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat (ft. Oliver Sykes of BMTH) mp3

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BMTH - Shadow Moses mp3

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BMTH - Blacklist mp3

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BMTH - sleepwalking mp3

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BMTH - Football season is over mp3

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BMTH - Visions mp3

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BMTH - Anthem mp3

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