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Also known as Billy Bavgate, former member of the group Steady Mobb'n with partner Crooked Eye, both from Oakland. After being signed as a group to Master P's No Limit Records and releasing 2 albums (Pre-Meditated Drama & Black Mafia) they fell out with the label and released 2 more albums (Crime Buddies & Espionage) and Bavgate's solo album "The Last Banger" independently before Bavgate then signed to Mac Dre's Thizz Entertainment and released his 'In Yo Face Mixtape Volume 1' still working with partner Crooked Eye and his Black Mafia crew... Read more about Bavgate on

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[High Speed] bavgate [320kbps]

Lil Coner, Bavgate, Lil Evil - Gangsta (Y. Sudina) mp3

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Johnny Ca$h, Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack, Rydah J Klyde, Dubee, PSD, Bavgate & Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphy Remix (M. Kovalenko) mp3

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Bavgate And Pooh Sauce - Get Clapped Fast mp3

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Bavgate - Thats My Name ft. Benny O mp3

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Bavgate - Oakland (Ft. Mistah F.A.B. and (I. Latonov) mp3

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Little Bruce Feat. Bavgate Pooh, Sauce & Dubee - Im'A Tycoon (P. Klochkov) mp3

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Bavgate - The Scrapers (P. Klochkov) mp3

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Money Gang - Bang Fo Bread (ft. Bavgate) mp3

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Mac Dre - All Da Time (Feat. Chop Da Hookman, Bavgate & Johnny Cash) mp3

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Bavgate - Thug Money mp3

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Killa Tay & Guce Feat. Billy Bavgate - Firewater (West Coast Version) (S. Zuykov) mp3

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Bavgate - Shake Yo Dread Hair (Ft. Pooh mp3

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Bavgate - Bang From Tha Town (A. Ershov) mp3

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Haji Springer Feat. J-Diggs & Bavgate - Showinout mp3

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Bavgate - The Gate mp3

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