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Balti is one of the best-known rappers in Tunisia and one of the founding fathers of hip-hop music in the country. His most popular videos have reached 350,000 hits on YouTube and he's performed to audiences of over 50,000, sharing the stage with such Western rap idols as Method Man. CNN reports that Tunisia's rappers have long made a point of speaking their minds, their lyrics often bringing them into conflict with the old political regime. According to Balti, more than simply upsetting the status quo, rap music was part of the "fuel" for Tunisia's spring 2011 revolution. Read more about Balti on

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Mister You - 3Arbi Fi Bérize ft. Balti, Apoka mp3

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Balti feat Mister you - ici ou la bas mp3

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Balti - Stop Violence mp3

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LAURIS REINIKS - Tik balti mp3

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BALTI - Sokran mp3

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Balti - Jey me rif lel assima mp3

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Balti - يتيم mp3

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Luomo - Tessio (ftv models Bianca Balti SS) mp3

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Mister You - Ici Ou La-Bas feat Balti (O. Storcheus) mp3

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Lauris Reiniks - Tik balti mp3

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Balti - Tunis by night (Tunisian Rap) mp3

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samir lousif ft balti - featuring samir lousif et dragon balti elharka mezoued et rap tunisien | Actualités Tunisie. Toutes les dernières infos (D. Hamza) mp3

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Balti - Jey Mel Rif Lel Asima (M. Ben rhouma) mp3

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BALTI tunisia - My Definition (A. Pauk) mp3

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Balti - Yatim (A. Mukhamed) mp3

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