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عمر دياب

Amr Diab ( عمرو دياب ) , a new born star for his phenomenal singing talent had his first glow to life on the 11th of October 1961 in Port Said, Egypt. His father was the chairman of Marine Construction & Shipbuilding. He played a great role to igniting the early sparks of musical inspiration towards Diab’s early stages in his professional music career. Amr at the age of six sang at the July 23rd Festival in Port Said, he was surprisingly rewarded with a guitar from the governor for his excellence. Read more about عمر دياب on

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Amr Diab - Khaleek maaeh mp3

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Amr Diab - Habibi Ya Nour El Ain (из сериала Клон) mp3

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Amr Diab - Ma ak Bartah (R. Bahrami) mp3

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Неизвестный исполнитель - ...у меня в друзьях..поздравляю) из к/ф шаг вперед2 ♥(z)...amr diab vocaloid kaito gakupo world dnb mp3

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Amr Diab - Wa7ashteny (Cover by Alaa Wardi & Mohab) (V. Potov) mp3

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Natalya Al-ghanem - Tamalli maak(arabskaya),iz repertyara Amr Diab. (N. Al-ghanem(Popova)) mp3

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Восточная музыка - Amr Diab - "El Alem Alah (Y. Volchetskaya) mp3

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Amr Diab - Habibi Ya Noor El Ain (Arabic Music) (O. Alifanova) mp3

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Amr Diab - La ya habibi (M. Khalil) mp3

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Руслан Рамазанов - Аромат любви (Хит 2012) cover Amr Diab (V. Tovmasyan) mp3

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♥ ♥ ♥ Amir Jamal - Kaho Na Kaho♥ ♥ ♥ (Индийская версия песни Amr Diab - Tamally maak) (V. Vladimirova) mp3

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Mohammed Awad - Amr Diab te2dar tetkalem (O. Bagirova) mp3

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iron eyes - Amr Diab - Alah La Yehremnyn Menak (I. Eyes) mp3

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River Of Tears Mazakonia.Org - Amr Diab_Lely Nahary (H. Hassan) mp3

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Неизвестен - .... .... - .... 2009_Amr Diab - Wiyah 2009 (M. Batayneh) mp3

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