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Alphabet (Tomo Okada) was born in metropolitan Tokyo in 1976. When he was child, his family moved out to the suburbs of Tokyo. During his formative years he grew to love many movies and soundtracks, which remain an influence for him. The songs of his 1st album, titled "november morning" were written between 1998 and 2004. You can hear similarity to Coctou Twins, Windy and Carl, Labradford, and Michel Nyman. This album was first one of made by Macintosh. Now he keeps making loop music, drone music, and ambient music, but he always thinks that a beautiful song is everything. Read more about Alphabet on

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[High Speed] alphabet [320kbps]

Alphabet Pony - Mind Games mp3

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Eels - New Alphabet mp3

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Alphabet Pony - Space (Draper Remix) mp3

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Детские песни на английском - The Alphabet Song mp3

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David Guetta - The Alphabet mp3

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Alphabet Pony - Atlas mp3

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Linkin Park - 26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet mp3

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Mac Lethal - Alphabet Insanity mp3

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Blackalicious - Alphabet aerobics mp3

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Alphabet Pony - Easy Target (Long clip) mp3

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Dickie Valentine - Christmas Alphabet mp3

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Hellsing OST - The Japanese Alphabet Road With Chinese Bellflower's Sweet Smell mp3

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Alphabet Pony - Easy Target (Original Mix) mp3

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BLUE NATURE - A Life So Changed '99 (K.Brand Meets Alphabet Team Mix) (DJ ЦветкоFF - Педали Газа До Отказа 3) mp3

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Huoratron - Alphabet City mp3

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