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Afgan Syah Reza (born on May 27, 1989 in Jakarta, Indonesia) is an Indonesian singer. He released his debut album titled "Confession No.1" in January 2008. The album is filled with 13 tracks and highly influenced by the genre of pop, soul, R & B, and jazz, with some popular hits like "Terima Kasih Cinta”, “Klise”, “Sadis”, and “Tanpa Batas Waktu". Afgan on

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Tags: pop indonesia easy listening male vocalists jazz 

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Afgan Bustazz ft. Shaltai (НеАбразованые) - Втроём (Music by Dj_Leone / Sol Pro 2012) (V. Shaltay) mp3

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AFGAN NIGT CLUB - Hazion club (F. Azimi) mp3

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Afgan - - Jodoh Pasti Bertemu mp3

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Nasheed - Afgan shahid mp3

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PRO Niagara ft. Afgan aka Grin ★ - Жизнь(Niagara prod.) (S. Gromov) mp3

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afgan - Zdravstvui_mama (E. Zagrebin) mp3

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Марочка feat Afgan Bustazz - Трёхполосный ( SOL PRO ) (V. Shaltay) mp3

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Afgan Headspin - Cocaine (Custom Breakz & Kaba RMX) (V. Neurobeyslayn) mp3

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Afgan song Ahmad Zahir - reymek (A. Radzhabov) mp3

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Bu☻bbi Mort☻hens - Afgan mp3

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Pudra - Lost afgan effect(poker soul) (S. Sladky) mp3

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persian (tajik, afgan, iran) - Ashkan Feat. Kooshan Ft Base (N. Dastan) mp3

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Persian Nasheed - IRAN,TAJIK,AFGAN - Ogomun Midune (D. Khatamov) mp3

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Afgan(grisha) feat Danila - так то поинтересней (S. Gromov) mp3

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ツAfgan Bustazz ft. Rap Region 96 - Оху**ай Дружочек (Music by Dj Leone, Sol Pro. 2010) (A. Edalina) mp3

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