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[High Speed] Whammy [320kbps]

Я - delay 1000ms и whammy (E. Sukhov) mp3

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Jack Bedient & The Chessmen - Double Whammy (M. Pink) mp3

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east breaks in thousand - whammy (E. Belov) mp3

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Gas battle Whammy - Wam-Wam Андрей Абайдулин (A. Abaydulin) mp3

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groneryXdeyphi - whammy / raw (A. Kocherzhenko) mp3

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Tinsley Ellis - Double-Eyed Whammy (K. Shurygin) mp3

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Daggermouth - This Is Where The Chocolate Cheesecake Would Be If We Had Any Whammy! (V. Talyan) mp3

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Man Without Wax - Out Drinking At The Whammy Bar mp3

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UBZUB - Mammy Whammy (D. Tikanov) mp3

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Lonnie Mack with Stevie Ray Vaughan - Double Whammy - Lonnie Mack with Stevie Ray Vaughan - Double Whammy (K. Belyakov) mp3

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sd1-whammy-stapslicer-flanger - комп тупил жутко из-за кучи эффектов, по-этому глючит немного (A. Sosnin) mp3

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Megamasso - put a whammy mp3

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Xenon - Whammy Bar (M. Mysyuk) mp3

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Stan Marsh - Whammy jam (D. Podgornev) mp3

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Netanel Jay - Whammy (Потуги Времен Детства) (B. Sorokin) mp3

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