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Christina Aguilera - Hurt - I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do And I hurt myself by hating you Somedays I feel broke inside but I won't admit Sometimes I just want... mp3

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T.I. - Hurt (feat. Alfa Mega & Busta Rhymes) mp3

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David Gray - This Years Love (I start to forget.How my heart gets torn.When that hurt gets thrown.Feeling like you can't go on...When you kiss me on that midnight street.Sweep... mp3

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Evanescence - The last song i'm wasting on you (..So run, run, run And hate me if it feels good, I can’t hear your scream anymore. You lied to me But I’m older now And I’m not... mp3

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Lionel Richie - How Long - I know all about the hurt And the problems in the past I know why you’re scared of love, ’Cause you think it just won’t last long Well, I’m here to tell... mp3

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♥★♥ One Less Reason♥★♥ - "A day to be alone" - If I could shrink it down and put it in your hands We made it hurt so much, I can't forget the past, Just tell me what to say, show me what to do Then I could forgive... mp3

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T-ara - I'm Really Hurt mp3

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Red - Start Again - And I remember everything, everything I loved,I gave it away like it wasn't enough all the words I said and all you forgive how could I hurt you again? mp3

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Roxette - I Don't Want To Get Hurt mp3

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Whitney Houston - Don't make me close one more door, I don't wanna hurt anymore. Stay in my arms if you dare, Or must I imagine you there. Don't walk away from me.I have nothing,... mp3

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Hollywood Undead - Circles - I was running in circles, I hurt myself, Just to find my purpose. Everything was so worthless, I didn't deserve this, But to me you were perfect. [Я носился кругами,... mp3

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Jennifer Lopez - People told me, I should write a love song "Girl you sound so angry, You could use some variation" But I'm lonely Negative relations I've been hurt... mp3

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Cristina Agilera - Hurt - I'm sorry for blaming you...For everything I just couldn't do...And I've hurt myself by hurting you... mp3

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Never gonna be alone! From this moment on, if you ever feel like letting go... - I won't let you fall... Never gonna be alone! I'll hold you 'til the hurt is gone. mp3

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Borislav - Borislav Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more Borislav Yeah Oh I don't know why you're not fair I give you my love... mp3

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