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[High Speed] Hard To Love [320kbps]

Pixie Lott - Baby, its over, we both know, lets go forward. I love you, but in a different way, I love you, forever. Now that we've come to the end of a story-y and I know that... mp3

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Scorpions - Your Last Song (But when I'm lying next to you It's hard to bargain with the truth Cause when you know the love is gone The time has come to write your last song)... mp3

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Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning - Show me the meaning of being lonely, So many words for the broken heart, It's hard to, see in a crimson love, So hard to breathe, Walk with me, and maybe, Nights... mp3

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Nicole Scherzinger - You can't love nobody else Until u love u I know sometime its so hard to keep Up your self esteem Sometime u can feel so small And its so easy to tell yourself... mp3

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Michael Cretu & Andru Donalds - Simple Obsession(What about us Let's think about tomorrow With you not in my life What about love As I try to make it every day I live even for the day Out... mp3

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Lee Brice - Hard to Love mp3

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Моё тебе)Я) - You say "I love you boy" But I know you lie. I trust you all the same And I don't know why. 'Cause when my back is turned, My bruises shine. Our broken... mp3

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Arlissa & Nas - Hard To Love Somebody mp3

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Alicia Keys - "When you really love someone" - песня про меня в том числе) I'm a woman Lord knows it's hard I need a real man to give me what I need Sweet attention... mp3

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WEAVER - Hard to say I Love you (Full) mp3

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Bryan Adams - Why do you have to be so hard to love? mp3

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(Hard covers of fucking pops) - W.A.S.P - Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane Cover) mp3

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The Drums - Hard to Love mp3

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Mysto & Pizzi feat. Jonny Rose - Where is Love (Love is Hard to Find) (R3hab Remix) mp3

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♥ღ♥..Miley Cyrus..♥ღ♥ - Who owns my heart? Is it love, or is it art? You know I wanna believe That we're a masterpiece But sometimes it's hard to tell in the dark Who owns my hear... mp3

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