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Chinese music - A Tayal folk song (E. Klokov) mp3

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chinese song - 美丽的神话 (S. Tyutyunichenko) mp3

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Folk Song - Chinese National (A. Yueliang) mp3

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chinese song - fan cuo (O. Lim) mp3

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Chinese Folk music - Fisherman's Song At Dusk (most famous) (J. Oblakova) mp3

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Chinese Tea Ballads - Tea Song of the Xiang River (A. Igorevich) mp3

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Chinese Bamboo Flute Music - A Tayal Folk Song (K. Lvovsky) mp3

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Очень красивая песня - Chinese song (A. Mazanova) mp3

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Girls Generation/SNSD - Blade&Soul Event - Chinese Theme Song (D. Po) mp3

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Chinese Classical Music - Chu Song(Xun and Orchestra) (R. Urazbakhtin) mp3

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Jah Wobble and the Chinese Dub Orchestra - Kang Ding Love Song (R. Donimator) mp3

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Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan - Dramnmyen Choshe, Chorus Only, Song in Praise of Chinese Silk mp3

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Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra - Fisherman's Song Of The East China Sea (D. Kuga) mp3

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Chinese song - Wo ai ni ( i love you) (M. Pushkar) mp3

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Неизвестен - 乌兰托娅 套马杆(高清) A beautiful Chinese song! mp3

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